Jaw-dropping Outbreak Prime Replica

I really want a 3D printer, and the reason for it is to print my own meeples (pieces for board games, in case you said “What the shitstick is a meeple?”), action figures and…. Destiny weapon & ghost replicas. Of course, I’d love a Thorn replica, or one of my favourite gun, Ice Breaker… But…

WANT! Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Shakers

To go alongside the BB-8 Teapot I want, you can now get salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the Darth Vader & Obi-Wan Lightsabers! I totally want these! I think I need to slowly cultivate my nerd kitchen… I already have a Lightsaber Pizza Slicer (which sucks, but looks cool, lights up and…

Ever wanted Vasquez’s gun from Aliens?

Have you got a spare $1,199.99 burning a hole in your pocket? Then you’re in luck! You can pick up this beast from the Big Bad Toy Store on preorder now. What’re you waiting for?

Horror Pop Tarts

I wish these were real, though to be honest if they were, I probably wouldn’t eat them! I rather like them all, but the Necronomicon is definitely the best of the lot!

Fancy a Totoro Hot Chocolate?

This mug looks to be the perfect hot chocolate mug for me, and I’m fairly certain that even my wife (that doesn’t really do hot drinks) would want it too! You can pick this up from Firebox by clicking here, for the tidy sum of £16.99

Speeder Bike Replica is the bike you didn’t know you wanted

So I’ve seen some pretty awesome motorbikes… from custom-made choppers, to the ludicrously-awesome Tron Lightcycle replica. Now Wisconsin-based Vintage Works have created another to add to the Star Wars geek want list – the Speeder Bike. Unfortunately the company aren’t planning to sell the bike, but we can hope… right?

Death Star salt & pepper shakers

Not content with making me want the best teapot ever, Thinkgeek are giving me more reasons to cringe at the US-UK exchange rate. An awesome addition to any geek’s kitchen, these iconic items sport the following features: Death Star Salt and Pepper Shakers Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise Plastic stoppers in the bottom make them refillable…

WANT: Plushie Han Solo in Carbonite

I kind of really want this! Debuting at ThinkGeek’s SDCC booth this year, their Han Solo in Carbonite plushie is only $11.99 and is officially licensed. If you fancy shelling out for it, you can pick it up here.

No Man’s Sky – FIGHT Video

Another PlayStation video has been released showcasing some of the epic space and land fights in No Man’s Sky. Is it August 9th yet?

No Man’s Sky Exploration video sets a high bar

My wife and I have had No Man’s Sky preordered since it was announced.  With the release date of August 9th quickly looming, the first of 4 videos has been released; this one showcasing the exploration aspect of the game. I really can’t wait! Expect some streaming on Twitch from my wife and I!

Adorable BB-8 Tea Set

Ok so being British, I like Tea. Quite a lot too… though I don’t have a teapot. Also being a massive nerd, if I was going to get a teapot, it’d have to be “cool”. And no-one makes cool teapots, right? WRONG! This awesome BB-8 tea set is available over at ThinkGeek for $24.99, and…