Telltale Batman Trailer

Yet another game I can’t wait for! The first episode is available on the 2nd August, with a season pass available in September.

Deadpool joins in on “How it should’ve ended”

X-Men: Apocalypse – a fairly decent superhero movie, with some excellent cinematography and effects work… and of course, Pizza Dog! However, the guys that make the “How it should’ve ended” videos have given the movie their once-over, and there’s a little surprise for any Deadpool fans.

No Man’s Sky – FIGHT Video

Another PlayStation video has been released showcasing some of the epic space and land fights in No Man’s Sky. Is it August 9th yet?

No Man’s Sky Exploration video sets a high bar

My wife and I have had No Man’s Sky preordered since it was announced.  With the release date of August 9th quickly looming, the first of 4 videos has been released; this one showcasing the exploration aspect of the game. I really can’t wait! Expect some streaming on Twitch from my wife and I!