Marvel Heroes Omega coming to PS4… Finally

A game I coveted when it was released on PC is finally coming to consoles: Marvel Heroes Omega. When it dropped on the PC as a free to play title, my PC was so terrible it wouldn’t run the game. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed. However, now it’s coming to consoles (PS4 first),…

Destiny 2 Trailer – I need to preorder now!

Bungie today released the first full trailer for Destiny 2, due for release on September 8th. The trailer focuses on motivational speeches from Zavala and Cayde-6, following the Cabal’s successful assault on the Last City and Tower.  Check it out below: The trailer sees some much needed personality injected into the franchise, which has only…

Destiny 2 Teaser: “Last Call”

The first trailer has dropped for Destiny 2… Well, the teaser for the forthcoming trailer on the 30th. Glad to see that Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 will still be present, being nearly everyone’s favourite character. And finally… A Cabal raid to come! 

Shadow of War trailer *dribble*

Shadow of Mordor rocked, and gave me both my Tolkien fix, as well as scratched my Assassin’s Creed itch. It would appear that Talion will be returning… And I can’t wait!

Slice of Life – Coming to Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been an excellent resource for creators and content providers alike. It’s helped a friend of mine launch a new board game (Ghostel – I’ll do a separate post on that soon), as well as countless video games and movies getting the greenlight as a result of a successful campaign. Now it’s the turn…

Fan-made 90s Deadpool/Wolverine trailer

Remember those cheesy 90s action movies you loved as a kid, with those even cheesier trailers? Well the guys over at We Got This Covered have released a 90s-inspired trailer for a Deadpool and Wolvering team-up movie… and it’s glorious! I’d love a DP/Wolverine team up movie, but even moreso if it was filled with…

Injustice 2 Online Beta

NetherRealm have given PS4 and Xbox One gamers a chance to play Injustice 2 early; an online beta. The only downside – the beta is limited to North America at the moment, though NetherRealm have promised to open it up at a later date. Nothing else about this is known… yet, though it’s expected a…

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

A movie I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid, and it looks to be pretty great. The tone and cinematic style look bang on. Here’s hoping the original is not done a disservice.

Telltale Batman Trailer

Yet another game I can’t wait for! The first episode is available on the 2nd August, with a season pass available in September.

Survival of the fittest – No Man’s Sky’s latest trailer

Exploring the huge expanse of space, the universe and all the planets therin is going to have it’s pitfalls. From scorching wastelands to frosty environments, it’s going to be tough to stay alive. The latest trailer for the much anticipated No Man’s Sky is emphasising this, and making me wish for time to pass quicker…