Watch the Nintendo Switch stream live here

The Nintendo Switch live stream presentation is due to kick off at 11pm EST (or 4am tomorrow morning, if you’re in the UK like me). At the moment there’s a pre-show reminder that you can check out by clicking here. Here’s a great video of Jimmy Fallon debuting the Switch, well as talking about Super Mario…

Total waste of time

This is soooo true! At least in games like City of Heroes (where the character creation was bloody brilliant) you could see your toon.

Blah, blah…

It’s another one of those “it’s funny ‘cos it’s true” moments.

The truth about gaming

Yep. Source: Purple Principle | Follow “Purple Principle” (@HybridLizard) on Twitter

Overwatch Genji cosplay is ridiculous

I’ve always admired cosplayers, especially looking at some of the more intricate costumes rather than the ones created just to titilate. However, I’ve just come across a disgustingly amazing cosplay for Overwatch’s Genji created by Just Cosplay & Props, and my jaw is on the floor! I seriously wish I could cosplay remotely well (I haven’t…