Dr Strange just wants to $@#*!

Add unnecessary censorship to Doctor Strange, and it’s pretty damn funny! Check out this video and try not to snigger. Bet you can’t. 

8-bit Rick and Morty Intro

Do you want an 8-bit version of the Rick & Morty intro? Why not? Are you mental? Well, either way you’re getting it… mainly cos I don’t care if you want it or not… I do! 😛 There needs to be more Rick & Morty games (not Pocket Mortys or Jerry’s game… Like platformers or…

Wiping issues

Erm…. so yeah. I’ll just leave this here. *retching noises*

Total waste of time

This is soooo true! At least in games like City of Heroes (where the character creation was bloody brilliant) you could see your toon.

Not playing Pokémon Go?

This is what the internet feels like at the moment, even when you are playing it… Source: The Oatmeal

Blah, blah…

It’s another one of those “it’s funny ‘cos it’s true” moments.

Deadpool joins in on “How it should’ve ended”

X-Men: Apocalypse – a fairly decent superhero movie, with some excellent cinematography and effects work… and of course, Pizza Dog! However, the guys that make the “How it should’ve ended” videos have given the movie their once-over, and there’s a little surprise for any Deadpool fans.