Why I uninstalled Pokémon Go & never looked back

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since it’s release… well, technically since before it was released (in the UK anyway), mainly as a collector rather than a hardcore gym fighter. But, I stopped playing about a week ago, and have since deleted the app from my phone. And I feel so much happier for doing so….

Shadow of War trailer *dribble*

Shadow of Mordor rocked, and gave me both my Tolkien fix, as well as scratched my Assassin’s Creed itch. It would appear that Talion will be returning… And I can’t wait!

Fan-made 90s Deadpool/Wolverine trailer

Remember those cheesy 90s action movies you loved as a kid, with those even cheesier trailers? Well the guys over at We Got This Covered have released a 90s-inspired trailer for a Deadpool and Wolvering team-up movie… and it’s glorious! I’d love a DP/Wolverine team up movie, but even moreso if it was filled with…

Full Length Fan-o-rama Episode

Remember that really odd live-action Futurama short that came out a while ago, that worked really well (yet creeped everyone out when it came to Zoidberg)? Well the creators that put so much effort into that short have been working their asses off, and have made a full episode-length feature! Zoidberg is still really really…

8-bit Rick and Morty Intro

Do you want an 8-bit version of the Rick & Morty intro? Why not? Are you mental? Well, either way you’re getting it… mainly cos I don’t care if you want it or not… I do! 😛 There needs to be more Rick & Morty games (not Pocket Mortys or Jerry’s game… Like platformers or…

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

A movie I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid, and it looks to be pretty great. The tone and cinematic style look bang on. Here’s hoping the original is not done a disservice.

The Lord Inquisitor (Prologue)

I’ve never had the attention-span to get into tabletop Warhammer gaming, but the 40K aesthetics have always impressed me. With that in mind, check out this CGI short set in the Warhammer 40K universe. It’s ridiculous. Why isn’t there a movie franchise based on this yet? The synopsis for the short is as follows: With…

No Man’s Sky – initial impressions

So I’ve had a little time with No Man’s Sky now, and have managed to muddle my way through things a bit so I thought I’d share my findings so far. This is NOT a review though… in all honesty, I don’t think I could review NMS, purely because there’s way too much information to…

First glimpse at Destiny 2?

Late yesterday evening, it emerged that some (possible) concept art for the forthcoming Destiny sequel got leaked, giving us the first (albeit small) glimpse as to what Destiny 2 might look like. Concept artist Aziz Dosmetov posted some screenshots to his Behance profile, and although they weren’t officially confirmed as being from Destiny 2, his…

TMNT short by Jhonen Vasquez rocks

Can’t he just make a whole series? It’d be bloody brilliant! This is a short released for SDCC… and I just wish it was longer. I’m a big fan of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, but even moreso of Invader Zim… and this rocks, hard.

Prisma – a photo app you NEED

I don’t normally rave about new apps, especially photo manipulation tools – this is mainly because the App Store and Play Store are flooded with them, and Instagram typically does everything they do, but better. However, I think that Instagram’s crown as the most used app is soon to be snatched by a newcomer: Prisma….

Destiny Collectables

Anyone who knows me will be fully aware that I’m a massive Destiny nerd. Bungie’s game really hit a chord with me, so now I prettymuch know everything there is to know about it. I’ve got 3 characters, all at level 40 with a light level of 332-333, and I’m inching ever closer to 335…