Why I uninstalled Pokémon Go & never looked back

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since it’s release… well, technically since before it was released (in the UK anyway), mainly as a collector rather than a hardcore gym fighter. But, I stopped playing about a week ago, and have since deleted the app from my phone. And I feel so much happier for doing so….

Pokémon Go players – You need this on Andoid

If you’re playing Pokémon Go (which, let’s face it… you are. Everyone is!), then you’ve probably heard or seen the recent patch to the game which has removed the nearby “footsteps” feature, and the battery saving option etc. The patch has also made the game much more stable, though it does still crash on a…

Prisma – a photo app you NEED

I don’t normally rave about new apps, especially photo manipulation tools – this is mainly because the App Store and Play Store are flooded with them, and Instagram typically does everything they do, but better. However, I think that Instagram’s crown as the most used app is soon to be snatched by a newcomer: Prisma….

So… Pokémon Go

It’s pretty surreal so far… I know absolutely nothing about Pokémon, so I’m just wandering around throwing balls at weird animals at the moment. The Augmented Reality side of things is amusing (I had something called Charmander on my desk at work). It prettymuch looks like a kid’s safari game, where the animals are trapped…

I’m (slowly) making an Android game

I decided that I’d like to make my own Android game… nothing special, just a Flappy Bird-type thing. However, my theme is a bit more… me. It’s going to be a flapping Headpool, set on the freeway part of the Deadpool movie. The upper obstacles will be freeway signs, and the lower ones will be…