About me

About the author… god I hate these kind of pages. They’re always super-boring, and almost never bring a smile to my face when I’m checking them out on the plethora of sites I frequent.

So, in a bid to avoid all the uninteresting crap behind, behold my attempt at making you snigger to yourself.

General bullshit

9EHa4bsb_400x400I’m James, or Jim to my friends, and I fancy myself as a bit of a gamer/movie nerd and semi-professional grammar nazi.

Unfortunately, I write for a living, but not doing what I like (I’m in complaints management). I’d kill for a job writing about games or movies, or general pop-culture… but finding a job in either of those fields where I could support my family just isn’t gonna happen.

Stuff I like

Videogames, films, the works of @dog_feelings (seriously… go check it out), guitar-orientated music, shouting at things while waving sticks, Yorkshire rage, tea (hey, I’m British), opinionated conversation about things I seldom understand, waffles, Rick & Morty.

Stuff which pisses me off

Cheese, people who refuse to use grammar correctly (*Liam Neeson voice* I will find you, and I will kill you), the terrible music my kids listen to, this fucking “slime” bullshit which my daughter’s obsessed with, people who say “pacific” instead of “specific”.

I’ll be adding more to this section soon, when something interesting actually happens to me, and when I think of something more entertaining to include.