Why you should be watching: Luca Stricagnoli

If you’re even remotely interested in guitar-orientated music, or playing the guitar in general, prepare to be jealous.

I came across a particular video on Facebook, and since watching it, I immediately had to go and subscribe to the YouTube channel… It was an extremely talented guitarist called Luca Stricagnoli.

This guy, using one guitar, makes me insanely jealous, and wish I could play like he does… Then factor in multiple guitars, Xylophones, triple-necked guitars… He’s prettymuch a guitar God!

Luca Stricagnoli

An Italian-born musician with over a hundred-million views on YouTube, his debut single his 14 million views in just a couple of days.

The bio on his website states “Using up to five guitars in the same piece, modified capos, and self-conceived stratagems, Luca continually leaves his audiences in awe and wondering what’s next for the up-and-coming guitarist. In addition to his musical abilities, Luca brings an enthusiastic energy to the stage that attracts concert requests from every corner of the world.

And here’s the video which sparked the reaction:

And after you’ve taken that in, here’s a few more of his videos which I really enjoy.

So I implore you, go and check this guy’s channel out, and subscribe etc. It’ll be well worth you time, I promise.


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