Why you should be watching: Beardy No Mates

So I watch a fair bit of YouTube and online stuff in general, and I thought I’d do a “series” of posts about why I watch particular channels. Also, the idea is to explain ultimately why you should be watching them too.

Beardy No Mates

The first channel I decided to post about, is Beardy No Mates. This is largely due to the fact it’s run by a friend of mine. But, apart from the assumed obligation to include him, I’m using his channel as a guinea pig of sorts for this series of posts. Despite this, he’s genuinely fun to watch, responds to his comments and feedback a lot, and a pretty smart dude.

BNM is a “Let’s Play” channel, dedicated to gaming videos by Mike; a self deprecating, dog loving (not in a weird way), angry millennial with a penchant for intelligent wordplay and ranting about anything which springs to mind at the time.

Here’s a small selection of my favourite videos of his:

So Mike “The Beard” Orvis’ channel is well worth your time, in particular his Dark Souls series and Stardew Valley series.

Make sure to check him out, subscribe and all the other nice stuff.


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  1. These videos are fuckin’ hilarious – the rage quits are just the best! Highly recommend the channel to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.


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