Destiny 2 – Check out the EDZ


There’s been a slew of information and footage of Destiny 2 coming from a few news outlets in the last few days, which has resulted in Bungie releasing their introduction to the European Dead Zone (EDZ).

Bungie’s official video is here:

gravitonlanceFrom the other available videos, there’ve been a couple from Game Informer that have had some nice insights (including a new exotic Pulse Rife called the Graviton Lance.

I rather like the sound of it… great stability and range. The exotic perk is called “Black Hole”, where the 3rd shot in the burst does high damage, and this is coupled with a Necrochasm-style perk of kills causing the target to explode.

You can check out Game Informer’s closer look at the European Dead Zone video here:


Finally, of the other videos I saw, there was another one from Game Informer which has a commentary-free 90-minute look at different activities in the EDZ, which is well worth a look.

When it comes to checking this footage out, I would give you spoiler alerts, but there isn’t really anything story-specific in these videos.

However, if you want to leave as much as possible available to you on the game’s release, don’t worry about watching them, and just take my word for it that Destiny 2 looks like it’s shaping up pretty damn nicely!

As one last point… there is something a little spoiler-ish in this latest video from YouTuber Mesa Sean, which goes into some rather compelling details that seem to confirm that there will be a 3rd subclass for each archetype.



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