Jaw-dropping Outbreak Prime Replica

I really want a 3D printer, and the reason for it is to print my own meeples (pieces for board games, in case you said “What the shitstick is a meeple?”), action figures and…. Destiny weapon & ghost replicas. Of course, I’d love a Thorn replica, or one of my favourite gun, Ice Breaker… But…

Destiny 2 – Check out the EDZ

There’s been a slew of information and footage of Destiny 2 coming from a few news outlets in the last few days, which has resulted in Bungie releasing their introduction to the European Dead Zone (EDZ). Bungie’s official video is here: From the other available videos, there’ve been a couple from Game Informer that have…

PC Destiny 2 Gameplay (Updated w/ video mirror)

If you’re curious about how Destiny 2 looks in glorious 4k with 60fps, then here’s your chance. Some footage of the Inverted Spire strike has landed on YouTube ahead of the release of the PC Beta on 28th August. Check it out below (first video was removed, and has been mirror’d):  

Rick when playing Destiny

The Rick and Morty/Destiny crossover I’ve been looking for! lol Source: Lagreen9112 on the Destiny creations page