Marvel VR Game – I need an Occulus Rift!

I love Marvel movies, and I really love gaming… and it seems Marvel are creating a VR title that I would actually consider buying an Occulus Rift for! If you’ve ever wanted to smash things as Hulk, or blow the crap out of everything as Rocket Raccoon? Me too! Check it out below. Advertisements

Freaky Rick & Morty digital art

I’ve seen a lot of fan art in my time; from some great videogame art by people like KobOneArt (my favourite Destiny artist), to some frankly dodgy-looking Family Guy fanfic stuff. However, when you take one of my favourite shows… Say… Rick & Morty, for example… Then provide realistic-looking renders of certain characters, the outcome is pretty…

Amazing Devouring Maw Cosplay Helmet

PR Props have made a replica of the Warlock helmet “The Devouring Maw” from Destiny, and it’s amazing! I, for one, really really want it! But then my Warlock has been running with a T12 Devouring Maw since the Fallen S.A.B.E.R strike was introduced into the game (lucky drop, I must say!). Check out PR…

IGN’s Destiny 2 Farm preview

IGN have dropped the first nugget of Destiny 2 info, in the shape of a brief look at the new social space dubbed “The Farm”. Check out IGN’s video below.

WANT! Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Shakers

To go alongside the BB-8 Teapot I want, you can now get salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the Darth Vader & Obi-Wan Lightsabers! I totally want these! I think I need to slowly cultivate my nerd kitchen… I already have a Lightsaber Pizza Slicer (which sucks, but looks cool, lights up and…