Destiny 2 reveal impressions

Ahhh Bungie… it would seem you’ll have me hooked for the forseeable future!

Last week Bungie almost broke the internet with the worldwide gameplay reveal of Destiny 2, and they didn’t disappoint!

Among the feature reveals we saw; new supers, more cinematic gameplay, new weapons, changes to the weapon loadout system, new enemies and we finally got to see what was behind the door nearest to the speaker.

I’m suitably impressed, but then it wouldn’t have taken much to win me over, as I’m a bit of a fanboy. But I’ll go over my highlights of the event, and the gameplay we saw that followed.

1.) New supers

The new supers looked to be pretty fun, with Warlocks definitely getting the cooler option with the new “Dawnblade” super; an extension of the Sunsinger class which imbues the player with a flaming sword, enabling them to float, training down fiery death on their enemies.

Titans get the Captain America-esque “Sentinel” super, which appears to be an extension of the Defender class, giving the T-Rex-armed guardian a shield allowing shoulder-charge abilities, and being able to throw it around too.

Hunters look like they got the least love though, with the “Arcstrider” option; this prettymuch looks like Arcblade, but with a staff instead of a knife, with a few flips thrown in for good measure.

2.) More storytelling

Bungie advised they’re focusing on story, and more cinematic gameplay in Destiny 2. This was something that was fairly lacking in the first game, which was relegated to an external grimoire system (which I enjoyed, to be honest).

Following the event we saw a tweet posted by @mynameisbyf which showed an in-game “lore” option, which was one of my main hopes feature-wise.

3.) The game looks frickin’ huge

We got to see a new strike, titled “The Inverted Spire”, which looked more like a mini-raid than a strike!

The environments were massive, and the boss fight itself took place on 3 separate levels that you fall about 200 feet to each time. The boss had some pretty aggressive fight mechanics, which is pretty damn cool. The only downside I could see was the giant Vex boss was a bit of a bullet-sponge.

4.) It’s beautiful

The environments, armour and weapons all look pretty sweet… My favourite of the new available worlds aesthetically-speaking was Nessus, with some beautiful vistas.

We saw some Warlock armour that looked pretty spiffy too… With interesting wing ornaments attached.

5.) Less loading times

Bungie also let us know that we’ll be able to go straight from one activity to the next WITHOUT going to the Director, which will cut out the need to go to orbit, reducing load times.

It certainly seems that Bungie have been listening to the playerbase throughout Destiny’s development, and it’s working to correct mistakes it made during the first game.

6.) 4 v 4 Crucible

All Crucible activities have been limited to 4v4, making for a more team-orientated experience, and more “intimate” gameplay.

There are some things I’m not too jazzed about, such as being able to snipe from across the map with a hand cannon (again), which you can see in some of the Inverted Spire gameplay below.

In fairness, this is mainly cos I can’t stand hand cannons in general, but I might get more use out of them now that you can effectively have more than one primary weapon.

Anyway – what do you like or dislike about the gameplay reveal? Are you looking forward to Destiny 2’s release?

I’ll be steaming Destiny 2 on September 8th over at Make sure you come along to check out the game and say hi!

More gameplay videos:


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