Why I uninstalled Pokémon Go & never looked back

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since it’s release… well, technically since before it was released (in the UK anyway), mainly as a collector rather than a hardcore gym fighter. But, I stopped playing about a week ago, and have since deleted the app from my phone.

And I feel so much happier for doing so.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Pokémon, but when the game was released it sounded like a fun thing you could do anywhere, almost like Geocaching. Plus it had the added benefit of getting inactive kids outside and wandering around. It did also have the knock-on effect of creating bonds between strangers… and there are several times when my wife, kids & I were “Pokémoning”, and someone would point us in the direction of rare finds etc, or stop to chat about it.

The social side of things is probably the thing I’d miss the most, but in recent months that has tailed off anyway, as the novelty of the game wore off with the general populous.

Why did I take the step to stop playing & uninstall the game? To be honest, it was taking over my life. If I was commuting to work, or walking anywhere, I’d be playing the game. I know you can buy the Pokémon Go watch peripheral thing, which would record the steps you take when the app was closed, but paying upwards of £40 for something for a game I didn’t care that much about would’ve been a huge waste for me.

One of the main gripes about the game I have is that it needs the application to be open to record how far you’ve walked… so you effectively have to continually have it running. This resulted in draining my phone battery constantly, or getting frustrated if I had to reply to an email or text message.

My other main gripe is that for some reason, the game has the ability to take the audio focus away from music apps. This means that when you open Pokémon Go, it would previously stop any music that was playing (whereas now it’s been updated so it just turns the volume down). I found this incredibly frustrating as I nearly always have Spotify running.

Since I haven’t been playing Pokémon Go, my phone battery has lasted much longer, and I’ve actually enjoyed my commute home, rather than getting pissed off that I’d missed a Pokéstop or something.

And, you know… I’m thirty-fucking-seven years old, so I don’t think Pokémon is going to be something that really depicts my age or anything, or be something I can talk about with friends. Frankly, it’s a waste of time.

Does that mean I’ll stop playing games on my phone altogether? No, not at all… I play games like Board Kings and Super Mario Run, mainly because you can pick them up, and put them down again. The only games I really want to spend a large chunk of time on are console games; games with a story, progression, characters that you can connect to etc.

Do you still play it? Are you a hardcore addict/Pokémon fan? Or did you never play in the first place? Comment, discuss or even just answer the poll below just to satisfy my curiosity.






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  1. Clare says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsHa, 38 year old Pokémon player here, still going. I play when I’m out though, not go out to play. 😀


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