Shadow of War trailer *dribble*

Shadow of Mordor rocked, and gave me both my Tolkien fix, as well as scratched my Assassin’s Creed itch. It would appear that Talion will be returning… And I can’t wait! Advertisements

Dr Strange just wants to $@#*!

Add unnecessary censorship to Doctor Strange, and it’s pretty damn funny! Check out this video and try not to snigger. Bet you can’t. 

USF First Person Hadoken Mode

So something that was teased during Nintendo‘s Switch event is coming to fruition; Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers is getting a first person “Hadoken” mode. What’s quite possibly almost a dream come true for some long-time Street Fighter nerds like me… comes with a little caveat:- wtf is up with Ryu’s arms? Take…

McFarlane Toys Making Destiny Figures

McFarlane Toys have posted a few interesting images during their “12 Days of New York Toy Festival”… here are the ones that are getting me excited! Some potentially more affordable Destiny figures on the way? One can only hope! Source: McFarlane Toys

Slice of Life – Coming to Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been an excellent resource for creators and content providers alike. It’s helped a friend of mine launch a new board game (Ghostel – I’ll do a separate post on that soon), as well as countless video games and movies getting the greenlight as a result of a successful campaign. Now it’s the turn…