Medieval Fett armour is impressive

I’ve seen some impressive cosplays, and some great medieval illustrations of pop culture characters (this version of Darth Vader as a Samurai is one of my favourites), however, Prince Armory have actually made a set of medieval Fett armour, and it’s beautiful! I’ve always thought the Mandalorian’s look was pretty sweet in general, but this…

Fancy a Totoro Hot Chocolate?

This mug looks to be the perfect hot chocolate mug for me, and I’m fairly certain that even my wife (that doesn’t really do hot drinks) would want it too! You can pick this up from Firebox by clicking here, for the tidy sum of £16.99

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

A movie I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid, and it looks to be pretty great. The tone and cinematic style look bang on. Here’s hoping the original is not done a disservice.