First glimpse at Destiny 2?

Late yesterday evening, it emerged that some (possible) concept art for the forthcoming Destiny sequel got leaked, giving us the first (albeit small) glimpse as to what Destiny 2 might look like.

Concept artist Aziz Dosmetov posted some screenshots to his Behance profile, and although they weren’t officially confirmed as being from Destiny 2, his prior work on The Taken King and the quality of the screenshots led to the Destiny community speculating.

The fact that the Behance posts have since been removed just adds fuel to the fire at this point, but luckily some quick-thinking genius set up an Imgur mirror for the images, and you can see the aforementioned images here now:

What do you guys think? I like the idea of other melee weapons and tools being brought into the game like the Spear and Shield… I’m wondering if fire will be a continuing theme for the sequel though.

Although this looks to be cinematic work as opposed to in-game artwork, it looks pretty good!


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