Pokémon Go players – You need this on Andoid

If you’re playing Pokémon Go (which, let’s face it… you are. Everyone is!), then you’ve probably heard or seen the recent patch to the game which has removed the nearby “footsteps” feature, and the battery saving option etc.

The patch has also made the game much more stable, though it does still crash on a capture for me sometimes.

Anyway – if you’re playing on Android, there’s a notification app which you really need if you’re playing, and it’s so much better than the nearby feature.

PokéDetector is a free app on the Google Play store, which you log in to with your Google Play account, and it runs in the background. By default, it scans every minute (you can change this, of course) for nearby Pokémon, and lets you know when there’s one around.

If you stick with the free version, it notifies you about every Pokémon around. Every. Single. Pidgey. If you decide to pay for the premium version (which is around £2-£3 I think), then you can turn off alerts for whatever Pokémon you like.

I’d highly recommend getting the app, as well as paying for the premium version (I just use Google Play credit from the Opinion Rewards app).


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