Prisma – a photo app you NEED

I don’t normally rave about new apps, especially photo manipulation tools – this is mainly because the App Store and Play Store are flooded with them, and Instagram typically does everything they do, but better.

However, I think that Instagram’s crown as the most used app is soon to be snatched by a newcomer: Prisma.

A picture of me using the “Tears” filter, so it looks comic book-like, or like I’m in “A Scanner Darkly”

The same picture, but this time using the Heisenberg filter – a bit Frank Miller-esque

If you remember, a few years ago there was a pretty cool web app that was called something like “BeCool”… the name escapes me, but it was used to “cartoon” yourself. You’d upload a photo, and the web app would process it to look like it was hand-drawn, or out of a comic book.

This app became a mobile app too, but it prettymuch fell on it’s arse because of too many adverts and copycat apps.

Even Swindon bus station looks beautiful

Well, Prisma is a new app that can do the same thing, but it uses art styles to transform the photo you process with it. For example, you can transform a photo in the style of Edward Munch’s “The Scream”.

The amount of filters is amazing, and some of them give some really jaw-dropping results. Even uploading a screenshot from Destiny gives some pretty beautiful outcomes.

Putting a Destiny screenshot through the "Mosaic" filter looks awesome
Putting a Destiny screenshot through the “Mosaic” filter looks awesome

The app has been available on iOS for about a month or so, but has just been released on Android. You’ll find that because the processing is done online, you’ll need an internet connection to use it. Plus with the massive influx of users, their servers are under a bit of strain at the moment.

Either way, I’d urge you to check it out – you can download it for iOS here, or for Android here.


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