I’m drooling over System Shock 2016

There are a few gaming experiences that really influence your tastes for years, however, one that really hit a nerve with me was System Shock 2. The style, the story and gameplay have heavily influenced what games I gravitate to now.

Most of the games I’ll play now are first-person… they’re much more immersive and engaging for me. Every now & again I’ll try my hand at a third-person title (I recently purchased the Uncharted Collection, so will be replaying those soon), but I’ll always return to my old favourite.

It’s only a test, but it looks beautiful

This is why Destiny is such a draw for me. I wanted an MMO that I could drop in and out of, ideally an FPS, and with a science fiction aesthetic. Bungie’s game fits all those for me perfectly. I was hoping for the MMOFPS Huxley to be released several years ago (I even set up a fan site for it) , but it never happened… then Bungie answered my prayers.

Anyway, I digress. As you may (or may not) have heard… System Shock is getting a remaster soon. Initially dubbed “System Shock Remastered” (Yay for originality!), the “Remastered” moniker has now been dropped. The game currently has a Kickstarter campaign in progress, and is sitting at $836,053 pledged of its $900,000 goal, with 21 days to go.

I’d back the project myself, however, the game isn’t being developed for any platforms I have access to (Mobile, PS4). If you’re interested in checking it out, and/or backing the project, here’s some details:



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