I’m (slowly) making an Android game


I decided that I’d like to make my own Android game… nothing special, just a Flappy Bird-type thing. However, my theme is a bit more… me.

Headpool- an alternate-reality Deadpool that’s just a floating head.

It’s going to be a flapping Headpool, set on the freeway part of the Deadpool movie. The upper obstacles will be freeway signs, and the lower ones will be cars that have been flipped onto their sides.

Now, it’s likely going to take me a while, as rather than just drawing the artwork and backgrounds (mainly because, although I can draw cartoon-style, I can’t draw on a computer), I’ll be making it look a bit on the retro side, and doing the sprites as 8-16bit pixels instead.

This will probably take me a while, and then it’s just a case of polishing things like sound effects, music and the gameplay mechanics so it’s not completely diabolical.

It won’t be a masterpiece or anything… but it should be entertaining in brief bursts at least. I’ll keep you posted, and pop up doodles and things I’m using for “concept” artwork.



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