TMNT short by Jhonen Vasquez rocks

Can’t he just make a whole series? It’d be bloody brilliant! This is a short released for SDCC… and I just wish it was longer. I’m a big fan of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, but even moreso of Invader Zim… and this rocks, hard. Advertisements

Not playing Pokémon Go?

This is what the internet feels like at the moment, even when you are playing it… Source: The Oatmeal

Telltale Batman Trailer

Yet another game I can’t wait for! The first episode is available on the 2nd August, with a season pass available in September.

Blah, blah…

It’s another one of those “it’s funny ‘cos it’s true” moments.

WANT: Plushie Han Solo in Carbonite

I kind of really want this! Debuting at ThinkGeek’s SDCC booth this year, their Han Solo in Carbonite plushie is only $11.99 and is officially licensed. If you fancy shelling out for it, you can pick it up here.

Swamp Thing test footage

Remember when Guillermo del Toro was going to be tasked with helming the Justice League Dark movie, before it was shifted to an animated feature? Well Joseph Khan (director of the Power Rangers short that blew up last year) has released an 8 second animation test for Swamp Thing – check it out below.

Survival of the fittest – No Man’s Sky’s latest trailer

Exploring the huge expanse of space, the universe and all the planets therin is going to have it’s pitfalls. From scorching wastelands to frosty environments, it’s going to be tough to stay alive. The latest trailer for the much anticipated No Man’s Sky is emphasising this, and making me wish for time to pass quicker…

Deadpool joins in on “How it should’ve ended”

X-Men: Apocalypse – a fairly decent superhero movie, with some excellent cinematography and effects work… and of course, Pizza Dog! However, the guys that make the “How it should’ve ended” videos have given the movie their once-over, and there’s a little surprise for any Deadpool fans.

Prisma – a photo app you NEED

I don’t normally rave about new apps, especially photo manipulation tools – this is mainly because the App Store and Play Store are flooded with them, and Instagram typically does everything they do, but better. However, I think that Instagram’s crown as the most used app is soon to be snatched by a newcomer: Prisma….

No Man’s Sky – FIGHT Video

Another PlayStation video has been released showcasing some of the epic space and land fights in No Man’s Sky. Is it August 9th yet?